create explore discover 2014: paper flower bouquets


This year I had the pleasure of taking a paper flower making class with Courtney Cerruti.
The beauty of being the organizer of our event is that when I select the course offerings
I select classes that I know I would enjoy. Courtney is a wonderful teacher and
extraordinarily creative. What I most loved about her class were all the supplies and
paper colors we got to choose from.


Making basic paper flowers is quite easy and is sooo relaxing. The materials include:
pipe cleaners; crepe paper or other paper of choice, florist tape and tacky glue. To
begin wrap floral tape around several pipe cleaners.


Once you have chosen type of flower you want to make you begin by making the flower
center. This can be as simple as crumpling up a piece of paper and wrapping it around
a hook you have made at the top of the pipe cleaner. Then you select your paper and
cut out petals. You can use a template or freehand the petals with a pair of scissors. I
chose to freehand as I liked the imperfectness of each petal. From there you begin to
build your flower.


Once the bouquet was completed, Courtney wrapped each of them in tissue like a real
bouquet of flowers. These flower bouquets make such a thoughtful gift for a teacher,
a girlfriend, your mother or other special person in your life.

Next week I will be sharing how you can use these flowers as gift toppers for your
holiday gift wrapping!

Have a great weekend everyone!




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