2014 – Part One


{photo credit: Sarah Stevenson}

Its taken me a few weeks to write about this years retreat as I wanted to let all parts of
the weekend sink in before I shared my weekend story with you. Planning is a year long process and there are many moving parts. As a
solo entrepreneur you cannot plan an event like this without help. Lucky for me, I have
a really incredible team that stepped up this year and went so far above and beyond
the call that I was awestruck at their dedication to this project and to seeing my dream unfold.

First and foremost: Kelly Wallis and the team at Stan Can Design; Kelly, Stan, Libby,
and Brian have been working behind the scenes since last fall to take my vision of this
experience and turn it into something graphically pleasing and fun and they nailed it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Along with Stan Can, artist Lisa Congdon painted a new image that has become the
symbol of the retreat: color, beauty, exploration and connection are the feeling that
Lisa’s art invoke for me. Lisa also updated our logo design and worked with me behind the
scenes to create a solid footing as the retreat moves forward. She is a huge mentor for
me and a dear friend. Thank you, Lisa, I am honored to have you as a part of my dream.


{photo credit: Sarah Stevenson}

Earlier this year I partnered with a local PR and marketing specialist to gain a broader
reach for the retreat. What I did not realize is that I also gained a new friend who is
dedicated to seeing my larger dream become a reality. Rachel Kingham thank you for
your guidance, support, patience and most importantly your understanding of my crazy
inner workings.

As you can see from the photos I’m sharing the decorations were so cool! Heather from Bespoke,
Amanda from foreverheyday, Jenn and Kelly Wallis worked tirelessly for weeks hand making
and cutting with incredible results. In addition, Amanda hand lettered each name tag and all
the signage for the teachers. Unbelievably beautiful! This is where words alone cannot express
how much I value you guys and how much I am honored by your dedication. THANK YOU!


{photo credit: Sarah Stevenson}

Each detail down to the color of yarn weaved through the name tags takes time, patience
and a love for creating. All these items expressed in some way by collaboration, working
as a team and the unique desire to create an experience for our audience have been my
goal since the inception of this project.


{photo credit: Casey Sibley}

Last year, on the suggestion of my dear friend Susie, I began offering an apron to weekend
participants as part of their special package for joining us. Lisa Congdon created the first
apron art and Heather River transformed it into and incredible art piece. This year I worked
with local architect and pattern designer, Casey Sibley to create the design. Casey chose to
use the extension of where we live as the basis for her inspiration. The mountains, Lake
Tahoe and the surrounding high desert of Reno are all represented in the pattern. In addition,
Lisa’s hand lettering from our logo are incorporated to tie it all together. Casey had a custom
screen made and hand screened each apron with the help of Kelly Wallis. There were 30 aprons
this year and I believe the apron is poised to become a collectible! Thank you so much Casey,
I hope this is the beginning of a long line of collaborations!

In the next post, I’ll be sharing more about what we created during the weekend, a special
project with Creative Thursday and our first year of pop-up shops!

Have a great Thursday everyone.


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