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Session One: Saturday, October 25: 9-Noon
Session Two: Saturday, October 25: 1:30-4:30pm

Ever wonder what instant photography is all about? Have an old Polaroid camera you’re just dying to dust off and try out? Not sure where to start? In this hands ­on workshop, we’ll tap into the magic of Polaroid. We’ll spend time playing around with a variety of vintage Polaroid cameras-from the classic One Step 600 we all grew up with to the iconic SX­70 to the original folding style land camera. We’ll examine different types of instant film as well everything from expired Polaroid to Fuji pack film to the exciting new Impossible Project films. We’ll look at how instant photography forces us to slow down and compose more thoughtfully and how stories can be told with just a few special instant images.

Materials: (please bring the following supplies to class)
*If possible, one Polaroid camera of choice: i.e., SX­70, One Step 600, Spectra, 100­300 series
folding pack camera. **Note: A personal Polaroid camera is not a requirement­­ I’ll have several different types on hand for use. However, to get the most out of the workshop, bringing your own Polaroid camera is strongly recommended.

*2­4 packs of instant film compatible with Polaroid camera(s) of choice. **Note: Each participant must bring at least two packs of instant film whether they’re bringing their own Polaroid Camera or not­­ film purchased and brought to class will be used in either their own personal Polaroid camera(s) or one(s) provided by me.

**Upon registration, participants will receive an email from Andrea with instant film recommendations and resources.